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    COLOR BY COLLECT CREATIVE is a subsidiary of the Japanese company COLOR BY COLLECT Inc.(CBCJ), located in Vancouver, Canada.
    Connecting Japan and North America, it is a place where various creators centring on image and design can move in the world market.
    Bringing unique creators to the world more.
    Not to mention North American work, as always, Japanese work will continue without changing the style.
    CBCC becomes larger than CBCJ.
    Using the best of both Japan and Canada, we propose the most efficient production way more tailored to your needs.
    From big work to small work, delicately, boldly, new ideas in new ways.
    Always read ahead, from the most artistic works to the most familiar and intimate.
    Rather than turning the work alone, the team examines the work from various angles and makes progress on its own.


    Such a place, full of willingness to Creation, ideas, concepts.

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    Planning/ Direction

    3DCG/ VFX


    Edit/ Composite 

    Music/ SE

    Graphic Design

  • Works

    We provide.

    Mingei Theater Company

    "A Summer's Tale of Southern Asia"

    Film Direction: Tsuguto Fujioka

    CG Direction: Aya Iwamura

    Phase Connect Inc.

    Debut Teaser | 6.18 - 6.20

    Producer: Alex Suo(CK marketing)

    Animation : Aya Iwamura

    Music: AOVA



    Mental balance chacolate" GABA"

    Micca, She involved Japanese unique collaboration TV commercial which is Glico's chocolate "GABA". Beautiful sound, Beautiful lyric, very pleasant.


    Visa JPCanada Immigration Consulting Co.

    Canada Permanent Residency and VISA information YOUTUBE channel

    Producer: Cho Katsuhiro(CK marketing)

    Production Manager: Alex Suo(CK marketing)

    Copywrite: Hiroki Yamamoto(CK marketing)

    Animation and Music: Aya Iwamura

    Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd

    Christmas Cake TV Commercial 2020

    Film Direction: Tsuguto Fujioka

    CG Direction: Aya Iwamura

    YARUKI Switch Group

    YARUKI Switch TV Commercial 2020

    Film Direction: Tsuguto Fujioka

    CG Direction: Aya Iwamura

    Panasonic Center OSAKA Inc.

    Panasonic × Maker's shirts Kamakura Concept Movie

    CG Direction: Aya Iwamura

    Music Producer: Micca

    Music: AOVA



    LOGO Design

    Design: Tomohito Ushiro (WHITE DESIGN)


    LOGO Design

    Design: Tomohito Ushiro (WHITE DESIGN)

  • Team

    Join our team.

    Katsuhiro Cho

    Sales & Marketing / COO from CK Marketing Solutions Inc.

    An intelligent professional who learns new concepts quickly and has a proven track record in relationship building, presentations, sales and communication.

    A hard-working goal oriented problem solver who possesses outstanding planning, marketing and project management skills.

    A well-connected person.


    CK Marketing Solutions Inc.


    Aya Iwamura

    Professional Generalist / CG Director/ CEO

    COLOR BY COLLECT Inc.(CBCJ) was established in October 2010.

    Lead the Japanese video industry with more than 20 years of experience and humorous ideas. With technology and artistic sensibility, Participate in many works mainly on TV Commercials. Using high-end video & 3DCG tools, Will finish work precisely with a sense of speed and flexibility.
    A Minimalist, Eliminating unnecessary things. Prefer primal colours and

    geometric pattern.


  • Team

    Fellowship with our team.

    Micca Woods

    Music Producer / Art Director / Coordinator

    Starting piano from 4 years old, directing voice music from 12 years old from Tokyo Art University Professor Hikaru Shimazuka.
    Launched in the music business as a 17-year-old travelled to the US in Nashville, Tennessee, New York.
    It has taste and leads to the present. Besides being involved in the music business, focusing on providing lyrics, offering music and chorus.
    CD jacket art direction, goods design, membership net site planning and management, event coordination, food coordination, recipe development, health food development and sales (PlusMi)
    Established fashion brand, Himemama Vancouver representative, and other activities in various fields.

    Tsuguto Fujioka

    Film director / Shooting director / Drone pilot

    After working as a TV program director, he has been involved in many works as a TV commercial director.
    At the same time, He can be a planner, shooting director, drone pilot.
    He is good at documentary touch works that focus on people.
    In the emotional expression unique to the image, he will take care of the gap between the performers and assemble them carefully and carefully.
    Fishing, pottery, surfboard making, kitchen garden, golf, has many hobbies.

    Hiroki Iijima

    Editor / VFX Compositor

    2019 SPEC
    2011 - 2019 DNEG Vancouver, Atomic Fiction, Flamestore, SPIN VFX, Encore, Zoic Studios
    2002 - 2010 HAKUHODO Products REDHILL
    1999 - 2002 McRay
    As a Nuke Compositor, I work on feature films and TV shows in Canada. In Japan, I’m an offline editor for commercial film. I have an offline to online project depends on the show.

    Skill: Foundry Nuke, Autodesk Flame, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, AVID Media Composer, etc.

    Portfolio PDF: https://spec-management.jp/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/IIJIMA_Profile.pdf

    SPEC: https://spec-management.jp/works/1357/?fbclid=IwAR0TzCJANdEEP6XHk_qwxpz0AP_qS1IoEeFtAT57ylfBXMmqslkDB9ep9As 

    HATCH: https://www.hatch-888.jp


    Music Creater

    AOVA was born in Japan and was brought up by a Canadian father who built a music studio at his home in Japan. AOVA was immersed with music at a young age playing piano, guitar, bass, drums. Later, AOVA started a YouTube project called Castro Satoshi, where he translated JPOP into English, singing and uploading the music for English education purposes. This project gained approximately 90,000 subscribers and over 25 million views as of Nov. 2019. AOVA also provides music, English lyrics, vocal, rap for various drama, movie, anime in Japan.

    HUE Inc.

    Planning and production of digital contents

    CEO: Tomohisa Shibayama

    We produce various media such as commercials, movies, corporate VPs and various PVs, large-scale images such as projection mapping and planetarium, and AR / VR from smartphones.

    In recent years, we have been focusing on planning and producing educational content.




    Advertising agency / Graphic design

    Creative Company located in Tokyo Japan which is headed by Tomohito Ushiro as Creative Director/ Art Director.

    WHITE Co.

    Directors company (TOKYO)

    A director's company centred on marketing director Kaname Shibata and CM director Shinichiro Kanekawa. Perform marketing, corporate branding, communication consulting, CM planning and directing.


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